• Facilities Aiswarya Spices & Dreamland

    Spices Shop :

    We not only help you enjoy the marvel and fragrance of spices but also let you become the proud owners of these gems of nature. Our spice shop make your dream of owning different variety of spices come true . Here you can own these spices at the most reasonable and affordable price. Yes, these precious gems from different parts of the world can be yours through our service.

    Bird Gallery :

    One of the greatest wonder and miracle on the surface of earth is the magnificent variety of birds. In our bird’s gallery we offer you a real visual treat with our wide collection of charming, beautiful birds. No doubt, you will be really astonished by this beautiful creatures who will entertain you with their sweet melodies and rainbow colors. Here you will definitely praise the craftsmanship of god. You can spend your hours of entertainment and fascination, here. These cute and soft wonders make this place a real paradise. Their chirpings are enough to soothe you and their charismatic beauty will wipe away all your sad moments.

    Aquarium :

    Enjoy the miraculous wonders under the sea right in front of your eyes through our highly established and well constructed aquarium. The wonders you can never experience in your life is going to be a reality. Thousands of gorgeous fish verities and aquatic plants are waiting to enchant your eyes. This underwater world will provide a demonstration of various aquatic plants, animals, shells and magnificent corals. Do come and experience this magic under the sea through our aquarium.

    Tree Top :

    High above the trees, under the floating clouds, in the company of stars during night, you can experience the thrill of living in air along with the birds. Spending a day or two in our tree tops is going to give you the special experience of being in heaven. Here you are going to enjoy the raw beauty of nature and caress of the gentle breeze. Really you are going to cherish this experience through out.

    Home Stay :

    Enjoy the homely joy away from home. We provide you with the world class facilities of home stay away from the daily boring and busy routine of home life. In this fast paced world, the repeated daily routine of home can no longer save you from the high stress and tension of life. So our perfect, affordable and luxurious facilities of home stay will make you realize your soul swimming in the realms of happiness.